Below we share a few examples of why home inspections are important.

Air Quality

Duct Work Inspection – We discovered a disconnected duct in the attic of a new build. Likely, this happened as the contractors were working on the house and did not realize it had happened. As you can probably guess, this scenario can cause inefficiency in heating and cooling as well as diminish air quality in the home. Disconnected, broken and improperly installed ducts are a major cause of sheathing degradation and mold growth. For example, this article demonstrates different types of ducts and the results of improper use of materials and connection problems.


Mantle – Checking the stability of your mantle is likely not something we think much about. However, we found an unstable fireplace mantel at a recent inspection. As you can see in the video, the mantel was connected by just a few nails or screws at the top. This would pose a safety hazard, especially for a young child. It would not take much at all for this mantel to come down on top of them. This article demonstrates the proper installation of a floating mantel.

Structural Integrity

Stucco – Another area that may fall through the “cracks” is inspecting the stucco on your house. In this video, we show how to use the credit card method to determine if it is time to repair those cracks. Why is this important? Because cracks in the stucco can lead to water damage, mold growth, and stained stucco. Trapped moisture will soften material and can lead to paint failure, wood rot, mold growth, musty smell, swollen drywall, and irreparable damage. Furthermore, a large stucco crack could indicate structural issues.

These are many more reasons why home inspections are important. Choose wisely when selecting your inspection company and consider using Parker Inspections. Learn what sets us apart from our competitors and see an example of the little extra we are willing to do for our clients.

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