Starter Homes

Starter Homes Need Inspections

When you purchase your first home, it is often referred to as a starter home. Because this is the first home you have ever purchased, Tulsa home inspections need to be completed on the property before finalizing your purchase.

Investing in Tulsa residential home inspections before you close on your home ensures that you know the home’s true condition before you make the purchase. The last thing that you will want is to purchase your first home and discover a month or two later that a major repair is necessary.

Purchasing your first home is very exciting because you are making one of the largest investments you will ever make in your life. Everyone who is purchasing a home for the first time is generally focused on homeownership and picturing themselves in the home instead of focusing on thoroughly checking the property. Inexperience with home buying may also keep you from knowing what to look for in the home that could be signs of future trouble.

Tulsa residential home inspections give you peace of mind knowing that the home has been checked for foundation cracks or problems. The roof has been inspected, and the house has been checked for water damage, infestations, or other issues that may affect the home.

Our Tulsa home inspections also include checking the electrical and plumbing systems to ensure that they work and are up to city building codes. Much like our Tulsa commercial inspections, we will check the home’s structural integrity to ensure that your first home is safe.

If damages or issues are found when we conduct your home inspection, we will provide you with detailed information about the problem and the approximate cost of repairs. The potential buyer can use this information as a negotiating tool or as a deal-breaker if the repairs are too extensive or too expensive to repair.

Whether you are purchasing your first home or your first business property, investing in Tulsa commercial inspections, or Tulsa home inspections before finalizing the sale will always be in your best interest. When you have a home inspection completed, you will always know exactly what you are buying.