We take a look at a recent new roof install but there’s a problem. Know when not to install a roof. We explain in our Daily Slice of PI video. 


What’s up Facebook. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Daily Slice of PI so I’m gonna jump on here real quick.
Obviously, I am on the roof So today’s Daily Slice of PI is going to be going over when to install a roof or when I guess not to install a roof. So this roof was I did the inspection there was hail damage I think there’s wind damage whatever it was and the the roof was replaced but the let me switch it over so from looking at it roof looks great I mean a great company did it the only thing is that they installed the roof on a day that it was too cold so nothing is sealed down so you can see all that tar underneath there but if it’s it’s not installed on a day that is at least and don’t kill me for saying this number I think it’s sixty degrees or higher a roofer will know the exact temperature but I believe if it’s 60 degrees or warmer it’s like the perfect time to do to replace the roof if it’s colder than that then that tar isn’t going to seal down and then this is what’s going to happen so eventually once it gets warmer the tar will seal but that’s just why we just want to make sure whenever we are installing a roof try to plan it on a day that is at least sixty degrees or warmer and I’ll show you just again so I mean every single shingle on this so make sure you’re getting a new roof try to plan it on a day that is warm enough for the tar to seal down.

If you have questions go to ParkerInspections.com would love to talk with you and if you just got a new roof and would like me to come jump on it I would love to come and jump on it for you guys so go to ParkerInspections.com and let’s see how we can help you.

Thanks guys. See ya.