Septic Inspection

What To Expect During a Septic Inspection System

If you are purchasing a home with a septic system, you are encouraged to have the system inspected. Having a septic system failure shortly after you move into your new house is something that no one should have to face.

When purchasing a home, you will already have scheduled Tulsa residential home inspections to check the home’s various systems. Make sure that any Tulsa home inspections you have conducted include reviewing the septic system.

What Should Be Checked In A Tulsa Home Inspections Septic Review

During your Tulsa residential home inspections for septic service, you will want to make sure that a complete check of the system is conducted. Some services place a dye pack in the toilets and flush to see any backups or problems. This is not an inspection.

You want to make sure that the tank itself is being checked. The inspector should open the tank and check the level of contents and send in a camera to see if there are any root issues or other problems with the septic service. The entire system should be checked and checked the water flow in the house before signing off on an inspection.

Septic Services for Tulsa Commercial Inspections

Septic system inspections are just as important for commercial properties as they are for residential. If you are purchasing a commercial property with septic service, make sure all Tulsa commercial inspections include a full inspection of this system.

Commercial properties may have more than one septic tank or a drain field instead of a septic system. Property owners must know the condition of this system to ensure that their commercial property will be able to be used right from the time of purchase. A property without a working septic system could be very costly and cause significant delays in using the property.

Property Inspections Save Money

Having a property inspection before making a purchase will save you money. You will know exactly what condition the home or commercial property is in before making the purchase. This will allow you to negotiate a better price if repairs need to be made and give you the advantage of having any repairs completed before a major problem occurs.