Quality Residential Inspection

Quality Residential Inspection

Having a home inspection before purchasing a home is the best way for you to make sure that you are buying a home that will not require extensive repairs as soon as you move in. Tulsa home inspections are also useful for current homeowners that want to make sure that their home is in good condition after living in the house for a while. It is essential to understand that not all home inspections are the same. Some companies do a quick walkthrough of the property and look only for apparent signs of trouble. Others will only check one or two of the major systems in the house. For quality Tulsa residential home inspections, you need a company that checks every system in the home. What Are The Major Systems To Check During A Home Inspection? For the best Tulsa home inspections, you should select a company that provides the following inspection services:

  • Roof Evaluation and Inspection
  • Foundation and Structural Integrity Inspection
  • Plumbing Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Interior Inspection

The roof should be scrutinized to determine the age and condition. It should be checked for soft spots, potential leaks, and if there is any structural damage. If damage or leaks are found, there could be additional problems with the interior or structure of the building.

The foundation of the building is what keeps everything in place. If the foundation has shifted, is no longer square or flat, or has cracks, this could lead to integrity problems with the home as well as water damage and moisture problems.

Plumbing problems can be expensive to repair, especially if the problem is not easy to access. Your home inspection company should be able to check for apparent leaks as well as other potential plumbing problems.

Electrical inspections are critical in older homes and commercial properties. The electrical system on the home must be up to the current building codes for safety reasons. Newer appliances may not be compatible with older electrical systems, and this could cause shorts in the system and potential fires. During Tulsa commercial inspections, the inspector must also check to see if the electrical system is designed for commercial machinery use.

An inspection of the interior of the property can be beneficial for finding potential problems. Your Tulsa residential home inspections specialist will check for damage to walls, signs of fire or smoke damage, signs of flooding or water damage, and potential damage from pests such as termites.

Once the inspections have been completed, your home inspection specialist should produce a detailed report on the condition of the property. Potential and necessary repairs should be included in this report.

Whether you are seeking Tulsa commercial inspections or residential inspections, make sure that you select a company that covers all five of the important areas of the structure and provides you with a detailed report of their findings.