Well Inspection

What’s Included in a Well Inspection?

A water well is a very important aspect of a property since it is where the water source of the property is. The water you use to take a shower, clean dirty dishes, and even fill up your drinking glass can come from a well.

When you hire Parker Inspections for a well inspection, we will inspect the structure and components of your well as well as water pressure and volume. The water in the well will also be tested for certain bacteria and minerals.

Structure: Well Inspection

Your inspector will start by inspecting the integrity of your well’s structure. The casing of a well can become cracked due to shifting of the ground around it. Sediment and debris can enter into the well through a crack in the well casing. If you’ve noticed sediment in your tap water, it could mean there is a crack in your well.

If the integrity of your well is compromised, it can risk the health of your water supply. Wells can be expensive to replace, so having your well inspected annually can help catch any issue before it gets out of hand.

Components: Well Inspection

Well systems have many different components that help the well function as it should. Well screens prevent excess debris and dirt from entering the well. Pitless adapters work to keep the well from freezing. A well casing maintains the well opening. There are many other parts of the well that are important to its function.

Your Tulsa home inspector will review these components to make sure they are functioning properly. Many times, a camera will be inserted down into the well so that these components can be reviewed.

Water Pressure: Well Inspection

Does it seem like water just trickles out of the faucets in your home instead of flowing properly? This problem can be caused by the water pressure in your well. A water pump controls the water pressure in a well. 

If your home is experiencing low water pressure, it can be due to a problem with the well’s water pump. Our home inspectors will review this and let you know what they find.

Volume: Well Inspection

Did you know that your well can run out of water? If your area experiences a dry season, your water may run empty or have a hard time storing the ideal amount of water. When you get a well inspection, the inspector can review the volume of water in your well and let you know the status of your water supply.

Water Test: Well Inspection

Another important aspect of a well inspection is a water test. The water in your well will be tested for bacteria and minerals. The last thing you want is dangerous bacteria getting into your water supply. It’s also important to know if your water supply has an excess of certain minerals, as this can have an effect on one’s health as well.

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