Last week our Daily Slice of PI videos of our Tulsa area home inspections highlighted home grounding, gas line sediment traps, and junction box covers.

Let’s expand on these areas and explain why they’re important and what the corrections are.

House Grounding

Grounding provides voltage stabilization, protection of equipment and people, and over-voltage protection.

Typically, you would drive a copper rod into the ground to safely ground an entire electrical system. The top of the rod may be visible or it may be buried a few inches. You can also use a cold water pipe for grounding.

In this Daily Slice of PI, you can see what an ungrounded wire looks like.

Lightning or a voltage surge can drastically raise the voltage. Grounding provides an alternate path for the system so the additional voltage is transferred to the ground preventing damage.

When your house is properly grounded, the earth’s voltage is a reference allowing for voltages to be adjusted in various parts of the electrical system.

Grounding protects equipment and people by preventing a voltage rise in the electrical system.

Gas Sediment Traps

Sediment traps help prevent sediment in the gas piping from getting into the gas valve or burner area of an appliance and causing problems.

Sediment traps are capped off pieces of piping used to catch debris or moisture in the gas line to keep the system clean. Missing or incorrect installation of sediment traps are commonly found by home inspections.

Upon inspection of this hot water heater, we discovered a missing sediment trap. This will allow moisture and debris to pass into the appliance. A home inspector will check your gas lines at your air units and hot water heaters to ensure the caps are installed.

Junction Box Covers

During this home inspection, we found several uncovered junction boxes. It’s important to ensure the junction boxes are covered for a couple of reasons. Several wires in one box can multiply the heat generated which could cause injury if a person comes in contact with it. It can also create a potential fire hazard. Covers will protect against accidental contact and fire.

As always we are happy to provide contractor referrals to correct any issues you may be experiencing in your home.

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