Tulsa Home Inspector

If you have been involved in either the buying or selling of a home or commercial property, you know how hard it can be to find a trustworthy home inspector. Unfortunately, many inspectors gloss over potential issues.  This is done to save time or simply to ensure that the sale of the house is in favor of the owner.

We are a Tulsa home inspector that continues to work hard to earn the respect and trust of property owners in and around the Tulsa area. With years of experience and a strong work ethic, our owner, Aleks Parker, provides property owners with inspections that are thorough yet easy-to-understand.

In addition to providing a property owner with a reliable home inspection, we equip someone purchasing a property with the data they need to make an informed decision. Working with Tulsa’s Best Home Inspector is the best way to ensure you are making a wise decision when investing in your next residential or commercial property.

Qualities of a Tulsa Home Inspector

There are many qualities that have won Parker Inspections the title of Tulsa’s Best Home Inspector. In addition to our reliability and dependable charter, we also have years of expertise in both construction and remodeling. This experience provides us with a unique perspective while conducting inspections on both residential and commercial properties.

Certified Home Inspector

Parker Inspections maintains the necessary certification to practice home inspections in the state of Oklahoma. We are certified to conduct inspections on both residential homes as well as commercial properties. Parker Inspections is also licensed by the Oklahoma Construction Industries board. This qualifies us to provide home inspections across the state of Oklahoma.

Reliable and Experienced

Tulsa's #1 Home InspectorNot only is Parker Inspections licensed and certified to inspect homes in Oklahoma but we are also incredibly reliable and experienced. When we conduct an inspection, we treat the process as if we were personally purchasing the property.

Parker Inspections owner, Aleks Parker, has been involved in the construction and remodeling field for nearly as long as he can remember. This background in the industry provides him with an innate ability to recognize even the smallest details of a property that aren’t up to code. Tulsa’s Best Home Inspector takes great pride in his field, always striving to provide property owners with a complete overview of the state of their investment.

Easy-to-Understand Reports

Home inspections often involve systems and wording that is unfamiliar to most people. Parker Inspections goes out of their way to ensure that the final inspection report uses easy-to-understand information.

By doing this, we ensure that both the buyer and the seller understand the details found in the inspection in their entirety. This eliminates confusion, stress, and frustration during a process that can quickly become stressful if not handled carefully.

Inspects Residential and Commercial Properties

Parker Inspections is licensed and certified to inspect both residential homes and commercial properties within the state of Oklahoma. With experience in building and remodeling both residential and commercial properties, our team can spot even the smallest detail or problem with the property you are hoping to invest in.

Home Inspection Services in Tulsa

We are a Tulsa home inspector that provides property owners with many types of inspections. Some of the areas in which we specialize include the following:

  • EMP Inspection – This inspection focuses on the Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing aspects of a property.
  • Full Residential Inspection – An inspection including every inch of the home from the roof to the foundation. All structures and systems within the home are inspected.
  • Commercial Inspection – Similar to a full residential inspection but for any type of commercial property including apartments, churches, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, and many others.
  • Septic Inspection – Identifies any leaks in the septic system and addresses both the condition and strength of your septic system.
  • Well Inspection – Checks the water pressure, pump, plumbing, and water flow into your property.
  • Sprinkler Inspection – Assess the condition of sprinkler heads found throughout the yard as well as the overall state of the sprinkler system.
  • Pool Inspection – This inspection ensures that each aspect of your pool is in top repair. Parker Inspections checks the pool lining, fencing, plumbing, structure, and more.

Parker Inspections constantly go out of its way to ensure that the inspection process is simple and straight-forward. One of the ways we do this is by allowing a property owner to select the type of inspection they require and then add on any additional inspections such as a pool inspection or septic inspection as they see fit. This enables us to offer affordable rates for their exceptional services.

Benefits of Working With a Home Inspector in Tulsa

There are many benefits of working with Parker Inspections, a Tulsa Home Inspector. In fact, working with a home inspector that you can fully trust is the best way to ensure that you are making a wise investment in your property.

An experienced home inspector such as Parker Inspections addresses every system, structure, and corner of your property. During this process, we will make note of any potential issues or areas that are not up to code. This is a crucial step in the process when investing in a commercial or residential property.

Upon completion of the inspection, we will provide each of the parties involved in the transaction with a copy of the inspection report. In this report, we include any changes that need to be made or accounted for during the buying or selling process.

Provides Peace of Mind for Buyer and Seller

Working with Parker Inspections provides great peace of mind for both the property buyer as well as the seller. An inspection from Tulsa’s Best Home Inspector will ensure that there are no hidden matters. Structural issues have the potential to quickly escalate into a serious safety hazard.

We feels honored to have the trust of many clients in the Tulsa area. Individuals who are entering the process of investing in a commercial or residential property greatly appreciate Aleks’ expertise. We at Parker Inspections never take our jobs lightly.

Informs Buyers of Potential Safety Hazards

One of the primary purposes of a home inspection is to inform the buyer of potential safety hazards. In many cases, property owners will attempt remodeling projects without the oversight of a professional. This can create risky situations that do not fall within the codes of the state of Oklahoma.

During a property inspection, Parker Inspections carefully checks every portion of your residential or commercial property. While doing so, we ensure that each aspect is safe and in good repair. This information provides the buyer with valuable information as they approach a large investment decision.

Allows a Buyer to Make an Informed Decision

Parker Inspections owner, Aleks Parker, is passionate about providing both present and future property owners with extensive information on their property. By serving each client in this way, we enable them to make an informed decision about the purchase of the property.

Tulsa’s Best Home Inspector has saved individuals both in and around Tulsa from making hazardous investments due to unseen structural issues with a commercial or residential property.

Protects Your Investment

When you decide to purchase either a residential or commercial property, you are making a significant investment. Working with a Tulsa home inspector is the best way to ensure that the investment you are making is wise. It is important to have complete knowledge of any necessary remodels or code issues. This allows you to make an offer for the property that is both fair and competitive.

It is wise to arm yourself with a thorough home inspection while negotiating the purchase of a property. Doing so gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are not making a poor investment. In many cases, this occurs not due to ill-will from the seller. It is simply overlooked due to a lack of knowledge on the subject.

Parker Inspections is passionate about ensuring that each of our clients is fully aware of any issues which are present. We also takes time to inform them of situations that could arise after the purchase of their new property.

Working with Tulsa’s Best Home Inspector

Parker Inspections continues to work hard to maintain the title of Tulsa’s #1 Home Inspector. Our dedication, reliability, and expertise have won ud the respect of both property owners and realtors throughout Tulsa.

Parker Inspections offers expert home inspection services to residents in and around the Tulsa area. We work hard to make the inspection process simple and easy-to-understand. Our attention to every detail ensures that nothing will be overlooked during the inspection process.

Parker Inspections works with numerous property owners, providing them with the information they need to make an informed purchase during the buying or selling process. A home inspection from a trustworthy candidate such as Parker Inspections gives both the buyer and seller peace of mind. This is invaluable while making such a large investment decision.

A thorough inspection of your commercial or residential property ensures the safety of each individual who will reside within the building. If you are in need of an inspection for your property, contact Parker Inspections today with the information found at this link. Tulsa’s #1 Home Inspector is ready to partner with you in making this important investment decision!