Tulsa Home InspectionsImagine, you just moved into your new home.

You sit down to relax for the first time after unpacking. All. Those. Boxes.

Then you hear it… drip. drip. drip.

That’s the sound of money draining from your bank account.

Or let’s say you finally got an offer on your house and you’re out celebrating.

Then. You get the call from your realtor saying the buyer is backing out. Why? Too many repairs.

What do this buyer and seller have in common? Neither wanted to pay the price for a home inspection, and so they’re both paying for it later.

Who really benefits from a Tulsa home inspection?

You may wonder.

As a buyer… do I really need to shell out more money when I already have to take a deep breath because of the big investment I’m making in this house?

As a seller… aren’t home inspections something only buyers need?

Believe it or not, a Tulsa home inspection by a licensed professional benefits both parties.

After you receive your home inspection report, you will want to read it thoroughly.

Understand that if something fails the inspection of a home, and if you don’t have it fixed it could come back to bite you when you go to sell in the future.

Just because you don’t mind that the stairs don’t meet standards doesn’t mean the new buyer won’t.

What is a Tulsa home inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive, limited examination of a house. A Tulsa home inspection is often performed in conjunction with the sale of a home.

That’s kind of technical, but in essence a home inspection for a house that you have made an offer on saves you time and money.

Your home inspection should be performed by an Oklahoma licensed professional inspector, because a licensed inspector has completed rigorous training along with continuing education.

The best Tulsa home inspectors also have hands-on construction experience and know-how.

Some states do not require inspectors to be licensed.

However, with an investment as large as buying a house, a house that you dream of turning into a home for your family, look for a licensed home inspector in Tulsa.

Look for a home inspector you can trust.

That not only has the expertise and training, but is also the kind of person who has your best interests at heart.

EMP Tulsa Home Inspection

What does a Tulsa home inspection include?

Your home inspector works for you. He’s there to give the home a thorough evaluation to identify problem areas or areas of concern.

Depending on the type of home inspection selected, he may check the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems… along with roof, the structure of the home, foundation and details you as a buyer may never think of or know about.

He will look for water leaks, leaky faucets, issues with toilets, water heaters, heating & air conditioning systems, ductwork, fireplaces, major appliances, etc.

Your inspector knows building code requirements for things like stairs, handrails, etc.

For instance, did you know your inspector will measure the height and depth of the rise and run of each step on your stairs? He’ll let you know if these fall outside of building code guidelines.

Also, you should feel free to walk through the home inspection with your inspector. A good inspector will not only agree to this but encourage you to follow and ask questions.

What can I expect after my home inspection?

Shortly after your home is inspected in Tulsa, your home inspector will provide you a report with all their findings.

Your home inspection report can then be used to make decisions about the home you are buying or selling.

When you work with an inspector keep in mind that he or she describes the condition of the home at the time of inspection.

He or she does not guarantee the future condition and life expectancy of any part of the house. That being said, your inspection report is extremely important.

Why buyers need a Tulsa home inspection

The home inspection report will make it easier to make informed decisions and also gives you peace of mind.

Sometimes the report will identify minor issues that can be easily repaired.

However, if the home’s deficiencies require costly repairs, you can take that into consideration when negotiating the final purchase details.

A home inspection can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if the home requires repairs you were unaware of.

4 benefits of a home inspection for buyers

ONE – A report can be a negotiating tool

Your home inspection report is a negotiating tool. After reading the report, you can find out what it would cost to fix any repair issues. And decide whether you want to make the repairs yourself or negotiate for the seller to make needed repairs.

TWO – An inspection will give you peace of mind

It’s easy to check if the water from the faucet or bath gets hot. But, can you tell by looking at the roof if it’s in good condition, or that the air conditioning unit is working properly? Or, can you tell what the temperature differential is between the supply air and the return air on your AC unit. These problems can be quite costly if you did not get an inspection to check them out before buying the home. With a Tulsa home inspection, you will know exactly what you are walking into.

THREE – Information provided to anticipate future issues

Having a report will give you the approximate age of all the components in your house. This will include the water heater, A/C unit, appliances, etc. When you are given the age, you can figure out the average life expectancy of the unit. Not only will you have the age of each component from the report, you will also have the current system conditions of each item. In return, you can figure out if this will potentially be a costly issue sometime in the near future or not.

FOUR – Saves time and money

Buying a home is a great investment. A home inspection is an even greater investment. You don’t want to leave your investment up to chance. With an inspection, you don’t have to guess if the investment would be worth it or not. A quick report gives you hard facts to base your decision on.

Why does a seller need a Tulsa home inspection

It’s easy to grow attached to your home. You may have fond memories life lived in your house. But sometimes, house problems we’ve lived with as sellers have not been a big issue to us.

But the buyer wants a good product.

And you as the seller could get a jump on things by getting a professional house inspection prior to selling your home, so you can make necessary repairs and offer a better home for sale.

Sometimes you just have to step back from a situation, remove your feelings and look at the situation from the buyer’s standpoint. A home in pristine condition will sell faster and for more money than a home with problems.

4 benefits of a home inspection for sellers.

ONE – Knowledge to eliminate potential issues with the buyer

A buyer will likely not follow through with the purchase if they feel like something is being hidden. If you see a potential problem area in the home, it is good to have the area inspected. If you can see it, the potential buyer will be able to spot it as well because they are looking for anything that could be wrong. By getting an inspection, it will give you the knowledge to tell them up front about it. This will create a trust between you and the buyer. If it is a problem that you think would deter buyers, it will give you the information needed to seek professional help in fixing the problem before you put your home on the market.

TWO – Saves money

If issues show up in the inspection report, the buyer will likely ask for a reduced price, a credit or have you make the fix yourself.  If you’ve waited for the buyer to perform the inspection before closing, you may be in a time crunch and have to hire someone to make the fix. This could potentially cost you more as you won’t have time to shop around for the best price. You’re going to have to hire someone quick. If your home is not inspected and someone buys it they could potentially come back to you with a “problem” that may or may not have existed when you were living in the house.

THREE – Helps to achieve the highest price possible

As a seller, you already have stiff competition, why not give yourself the advantage by having your home pre-inspected. This will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. You will not want to be blindsided by a potential foundation or roof problem. It is important to gain the equity you deserve from your home.

FOUR – A good baseline comparison

A report will allow you to compare to the buyers inspection. Sometimes little details can push a buyer away. Having your own inspection can help you compare and resolve these issues quickly.


You don’t want to deal with mold, a cracked foundation, a leaky roof or malfunctioning AC unit. These are the makings of a bad dream, the kind that don’t go away when you wake up.

Whether you’re the seller or buyer, you need peace of mind.

The knowledge and expertise of a home inspector can keep you from potential pitfalls and costly surprises.

A Tulsa home inspection is the best first step you can take to make better informed decisions about the home you are buying or selling.

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