Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist

The Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist

It is widespread to have a home inspection when you are going to purchase a home. While it is not required or necessary for the potential buyer or their agent to be present during Tulsa home inspections, it is always recommended. After all, you will invest in this house; it would be beneficial if you heard first hand what the inspector has to say about the property.

Tulsa residential home inspections are comprehensive. Although there are different levels of service available, your inspector will always investigate your home’s major systems. However, complete Tulsa home inspections will address every concern that a homeowner may have about the property.

The following checklist can be helpful when you are having Tulsa commercial inspections completed on your potential new home:


– Structural integrity of the home
– Foundation condition
– Cracks or other problems in the exterior walls
– Problems with insect or vermin that are apparent to the structure of the home


– Condition and age of the roof
– Condition and age of venting and other attachments to the roof
– Has any repairs been made to the roof area
– Does the roof need to be replaced
– Is there blue algae or other issues with the roof
– Condition of the chimney


– Condition of main plumbing structures
– Is the property on city sewers, private well, or septic system
– Condition of pipes
– Condition of water heater
– Is plumbing up to current building codes


– Is the electrical system up to building code

Interior of Home