Termite Inspection

What’s Included in a Termite Inspection?

Though small, termites and other wood-destroying critters can wreak havoc on the structure and the integrity of your home. The work of these pests can result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Better to be safe than sorry by investing in annual termite inspections.

During a termite inspection, our Tulsa home inspectors are looking for visual signs of termites or other wood-destroying insects. In this process, the inspector will review any sub-spaces your home has as well as the interior, exterior, and the attic for signs of termites.

Visual Inspection: Termite Inspection

Termite inspections are done visually by your Tulsa home inspector. The inspector is looking for signs of wood damage that these critters are known to cause. A more subtle sign of termite presence can be small holes running through wooden beams in your house. A more noticeable sign of termites can be wooden beams and structure significantly eaten away at.

Sub-Spaces: Termite Inspection

Termites love sub-spaces like crawl spaces and basements. In most of these areas, the wooden structure of your home is left uncovered and unprotected. It’s also much easier for termites to find their way into these areas of your home since they are usually level with the ground surface. 

Home Interior: Termite Inspection

The interior of your home will also be reviewed during this inspection. Although deemed a “termite inspection,” during this time, the inspector is looking for signs of any pest that can cause damage to your home. 

Mice are common nuisances when it comes to the exterior of your home. They eat through cabinets and walls, and can even destroy the wiring in your home. This can be hazardous and dangerous for those inside. Your inspector will be able to tell your home has any signs of mice.

Home Exterior: Termite Inspection

Once the inspector has reviewed the inside of your home, they’ll move outside. Termites won’t always live inside of your house; they can live in the mulch around your garden that borders your house. There are many other different types of wood-destroying critters that attack from the outside.

What’s going on outside of your home can clue you in on what’s happening in your home. If you see a trail of ants climbing the sides of your house and disappearing into a hole in the wall or attic, then they are probably causing damage to the inside of your home as well. The inspector will look for these types of signs when reviewing your home exterior.

Attic: Termite Inspection

Attics are another area that pesky critters love to live; it’s also a place where the wooden structure of your home will be exposed. Carpenter bees and ants are popular attic dwellers that can cause significant damage to the structure of your home. 

Certain rodents also like to nest in the attic of your home. Your inspector will look for any sign of unwanted guests, not just termites!

We provide in-depth termite inspections to make sure your home doesn’t have any unwanted critters. Contact us today!