Sprinkler Inspection

What’s Included in a Sprinkler Inspection?

Summer in Tulsa is known for being hot with very little rain. Many residents have sprinkler systems to water their lawns and keep their yard happy and healthy. Here at Parker Inspections, we can inspect your sprinkler system to make sure that it is working properly and effectively.

When we inspect your sprinkler system, we will locate sprinkler heads, check the water pressure, and check the valves, piping, and connections looking for any leaks or faulty sprinkler heads.

Locating Sprinkler Heads: Sprinkler Inspection

If you have a big yard with a sprinkler system that was installed before you purchased the house, it can be difficult to know where all the sprinkler heads are located. The first thing our inspectors will do will locate the sprinkler heads so that they know exactly the size of the system they’re working with.

Water Pressure: Sprinkler Inspection

Water pressure is important to a sprinkler system. If the water pressure is too low, your lawn may not be getting all the water it needs. If the water pressure is too high, your lawn may be getting too much water. Many sprinkler systems require a certain level of water pressure to function properly.

The Tulsa home inspector will test the water pressure of your sprinkler system to ensure it’s just what your lawn needs. To do this, they will use a water pressure gauge on an outside faucet to see the amount of water pressure your home feeds the sprinkler system.

Leaks/Faults: Sprinkler Inspection

If your sprinkler system has leaks or faults, your lawn may not be fed as it should. A sprinkler leak can also run up your water bill and affect water pressure for your sprinkler system.

The inspector will review all the valves, piping, connections, and sprinkler heads that your sprinkler system has; these areas are more apt to develop leaks and faults. They’ll also look for any sprinkler head that is not positioned correctly or is damaged in some way.

Backflow: Sprinkler Inspection

Most sprinkler systems have a backflow preventer device. These devices prevent water that was used for the sprinkler system to backflow into your home’s water supply. Water used in sprinkler systems can be contaminated, and the last thing you want is for it to somehow get into your drinking water!

Water wants to move from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area. If your home tends to have a lower pressure than your sprinkler system, the water will be apt to move in that direction. To keep you and your family safe, you must have the backflow of your sprinkler system tested regularly.

Irrigation: Sprinkler Inspection

The last thing your inspector may check when doing a sprinkler inspection is how your lawn irrigates the water. Is the sprinkler system causing pools of water in your yard? Is it causing a run-off into a nearby stream? Is there standing water close to the foundation of your house? These are all things to consider if you have a sprinkler system. 

If you need a sprinkler inspection, call our Tulsa home inspectors today!