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We specialize in Residential and Commercial inspections.
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EMP Inspection

This inspection covers every bit of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing within the home. An easy-to-read report is presented at the end of the inspection.

Full Inspection

This inspection covers everything from the peak of the roof to the foundation. Structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing is all inspected and presented in an easy-to-read report.

Commercial Inspection

This is for any type of commercial property. Including, but not limited to. an apartment building, warehouse, office space, grocery store, hotel, church, restaurant.


Septic Inspection

This inspection is done to assess the state and strength of your septic system. It will determine any leaks or deficiencies within your system.


Well Inspection

This inspection will check the well housing, plumbing, pressure gauges, pump, adequate water flow, and more.

Sprinkler Inspection

This inspection checks all the sprinkler heads. It is also done to detect where each program is located in the yard.


Pool Inspection

This inspection checks the plumbing, fencing/gate, pool equipment, coping stones, and a structurally sound pool shell.

How It Works

At Parker Inspections, we want to leave nothing to question when it comes to your Tulsa inspection services. To do that, we have a simple step-by-step guide to help you choose the best course of action for your next inspection.


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Choose between an EMP, FULL, or COMMERCIAL inspection.


Choose any add-ons

Add-ons include septic, pool, termite, engineer, sprinkler well.


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Parker Inspections goes above and beyond to help clients and thoroughly go over inspection report when finished. Aleks always arrives early to start even before the scheduled time. Dedicated,Honesty and Integrity are held high. My clients have been super HAPPY and smile at the thoughtfulness of a FREE pie as well. Keep up the great work guys!

Lisa Flatt


I recently used Aleks for an inspection. He was thorough and professional. He explained everything in detail, and I had his report delivered to my email inbox in just a few minutes. He was friendly and fun to work with. Oh, and I got an apple pie. I definitely recommend Parker Inspections!

Ashley May


Great attention to detail. Our inspection indicated that we needed a great deal of improvements. However…we appreciated his attention to detail, thoroughness and professionalism. He was courteous and kind. We received a very detailed report with photos AND recommendations! Would definitely use again!

Dawn Hights

Home Owner

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