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At Parker Inspections, we want to leave nothing to question when it comes to your Tulsa inspection services. To do that, we have a simple step-by-step guide to help you choose the best course of action for your next inspection.

STEP 1. Pick an inspection


This inspection covers everything from the peak of the roof to the foundation. Structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing is all inspected and presented in an easy-to-read report.


This inspection covers every bit of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing within the home. An easy-to-read report is presented at the end of the inspection.


This is for any type of commercial property. Including, but not limited to

  • apartment buildings
  • warehouses
  • office spaces

STEP 2. choose any add-on inspections


This inspection is done to detect any leaks or blockage within the plumbing and lateral lines. It will assess the state and strength of your septic system.


This inspection will check the well housing, plumbing, pressure gauges, pump, adequate water flow, and more.


This inspection checks the plumbing, fencing/gate, pool equipment, coping stones, and a structurally sound pool shell.


This inspection checks all the sprinkler heads and to detect where each program is located in the yard.


This inspection is for any property that has an outbuilding on the property. Outbuildings have to be structurally sound along with the house.

STEP 3. Let us know who you need to partner with

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Great attention to detail. Our inspection indicated that we needed a great deal of improvements. However...we appreciated his attention to detail, thoroughness and professionalism. He was courteous and kind. We received a very detailed report with photos AND recommendations! Would definitely use again!

Dawn Hights

Very thorough job. Went everywhere a human could possibly go and looked at every little detail. And brought a pie. Highly recommended.

Jeremy Nikel

Aleks was prompt and able to get us in on a tight deadline. He was thorough and actually got all the way into the crawl space and took helpful photos to document issues throughout. He turned around the report in an hour! And the pie wasn’t too bad either!

River Smith

Our experience with Parker inspections was thorough and knowledgeable. Alex is easy to talk to and professional. Highly recommend!

Anna Wallace

Aleks did my inspection for my new home today! He is extremely personable and makes sure to do the job the right way. I would definitely recommend him and his company over any one in the business!

Ashley Wray

Extremely glad I got the referral! Very professional but also a down to earth guy, easy to work with and was willing to wait over 2 hrs just to be sure the job got done right and thoroughly! Aleks did an excellent job thanks for the pie too it was bomb!

Seth Domingo

Aleks has treated each of my clients with the utmost respect and professionalism. His inspections are easy to read and to the point. Hands down the best.

Crystal Hogan

This dude is awesome, detailed, and knows his stuff. Excellent choice!

Daniel Carney

I have never had a house inspection that went so smoothly. Aleks was very helpful and informative. Plus he was very nice and answers texts quickly. I would refer him to any on my friend and family.

Alex Suhren

Aleks is professional, on-time, and incredibly knowledgeable. I always have him at the top of my recommendation lists.

Matthew Mose

A sincere inspector is hard to come by! I was able to refer a customer to Tulsa when they purchased a home. They utilized Aleks Parker as their inspector and were blown out of the water by his services and communication. Very pleased and will send anyone in or near Tulsa to Parker Inspections. Thank you for your hard work!

Taylor Williams

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