Are you selling your home and wonder what is going to show up on the inspection report? Parker Inspections wants take the “wonder” out of the selling process! We provide sellers inspections so you can be fully prepared in any situation.

It is always beneficial to get an inspection done before your home goes on the market. This way there are no more surprises. You will know the one and outs of your home.

This will show you the issues with your home and prevent some major negotiating in price when someone is looking to buy your home. By getting an inspection before you sell you will have the opportunity to make some of the repairs before the buyer even looks at the house. This way when it comes to the negotiating part you will have the upper hand!

Here is one quick fix to check throughout your house to prevent it from showing up on the report. Home inspections are the number one deal killer in the home selling process. Every inspection report is going to have a list of deficiencies. Most being small issues. When a buyer sees a long list though, all they see is that the house has a lot of problems. When In reality more than half of the list is very minor issues. That are easily fixed without breaking the bank.

They don’t have to be! Let us help you take the deal breaker out of the equation

Watch this PI tip of the day to get a better understanding of how to make the inspection process more smooth.

Hey guys its Aleks with Parker Inspections.

So, today we are talking to your sellers.

We know that there is a whole list of deficiencies on every home inspection report.

So, we just kind of want to help the sellers get rid of some of those deficiencies before the inspection even happens.

One of those easy fixes so you don’t have to put it on the report would be doors that don’t latch.

All you have to do, is you have to get this strike plate and your going to adjust it. Probably a little bit up or a little bit down and that’s going to fix that issue so that doesn’t even have to go on the report.

Let us know if you have any questions. Here is your PI tip for the day. Have a great day guys.

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