Water leaking into bathroom outlets is never a good thing.

This small error could have caused serious damage over time if it was not caught. Even if you are looking at a brand new build, it is always important to get a home inspection.

Small issues can cause very large amounts of damage in such a short amount of time. Make sure everything is working/built properly!

Hey guys what’s up? It’s Aleks with Parker Inspections.

Ok, so I had a client call me. They were looking at a brand new build house.

And they were wanting to get an inspection on it because they noticed there was a light fixture in the shower that was full of water. So, they took it down, poured it out, and talked to the builder. He was just like

“oh it was resting outside for a while and that is why there is water in it.”Well, they came back a couple days later and they found more water in that light fixture after they dumped it out.

So, that is one of the biggest reasons on why they wanted me to come out. And, the builder said that it again, was because it was it raining outside and still accumulating water which makes no sense.

BUT, what I found is if you look up over here, do you see that seal?

They cut the seal because the PVC was too big for it and so now that’s bringing water in.

It is dripping it right there and it is running down into their light fixture.

So, this is the EXACT reason why you get home inspections even if it’s a brand new build.

There’s two vent stacks where the seals are both cut on this house and there is a couple shingles that were damaged.That is two areas that will cause water damage and this one is already filling up the light fixture.

So, if you want to schedule an inspection go to our website – parkerinspections.com.

We would love to talk to you. Even if there is something like this where you don’t understand why there is water.

We’d love to figure it out for you guys. We climb through attics. I am huffing and puffing trying to find I had to try and find all of the studs in this insulation because it has never been walked in before.

I am going to go down and talk to the clients go to parkerinspections.com. If you have any questions we’d love to talk to you.

Because of this seal issue, the water was dripping right down into the outlets in the bathroom. With it being a GFCI outlet, it completely shut off. but, the water would have continued to seep into the attic, wall, bathroom each time it rained. Over time, this would have caused a very bad issue in the house.

Water leaks can turn into mold, wood rot, damaged drywall, and many other issues that are not good for the house. Just because a house is newly built, doesn’t mean everything was done correctly.

Contact a trusted home inspector to find out if your next home is up to the correct standards!

If you have any questions, contact Parker Inspections in Tulsa at 918-978-6844. We have an option for a re-inspection. The cost is $100 for us to come out and answer the questions you have.