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For today’s daily slice of PI we’re gonna be going over spalling brick. If you don’t know what that is, I
will show you. So basically, if you have brick around your home that is looking like it’s crumbling or flaking off, like this piece so you can see that moisture
behind there.

So the reason why this happens is because over time there’s moisture that’s been able to get behind the brick and mortar, and so it’s
water behind the brick that’s what it is. But what’s happening is if it freezes then that expands and that starts to deteriorate the brick and we don’t want
your brick to deteriorate. I’ve seen it before where it’s deteriorated so much that it basically just deteriorated all the way through and so you’re missing a
brick right here. But one way (there are a couple different ways that you can get
it done.) First, I would contact a brick mason and they can come out and evaluate it and see which ones need replaced and
see which ones are not damaged too far to a point where they can’t be fixed. But one thing you can do to prevent spalling brick is to get a
brick and mortar sealant and just put a seal over that so water can’t get behind that and it can’t freeze.

So again, if you have questions go to parkerinspections.com or you can give us a call 918-978-6844. I hope you guys have a great day, hope you stay dry and just take a look at your chimney and then if you have questions from there you can
send me pictures or what-not and I’d love to help you. Thank you guys, see ya.