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Okay, so for today’s PI tip we’re talking about some French drains.

We know that we don’t want water to sit around our foundation.

That’s a lot of times that’s why we have gutters.

They kind of deter that water. Obviously it’s gonna go down.

This one has a drain for the gutter system itself and leads out to the street but in some cases even if you
have guttering you can’t help but water sitting around your foundation like this.

Because sometimes, look at this slope.

All that water just strange right here. It’s just going to sit right here.

It’s behind it – I’m actually inspecting this house. I’m not inspecting this house.

This was just a perfect example.

So I figured I’d given video so a simple solution.

Well, I mean a solution oh how simple it is. I’ve never done it but, you’d get a French drain.

You could either do French stream running this way, or maybe just before it even gets to
closer to your house you could run it right here where your property line is.

You’d want to put a French drain there.

There’s a couple different options, but a French drain is one of the options.

That way all that water you can get and just lead all the way down to the street.

You won’t even have to have that sit around your foundation.

That is one way that you could get if you have a slope like this.

Or, if you are constantly having water pool up around your house, I would definitely recommend getting in contact with the contractor.

If you have any questions, or if you need a contact for that, let me know.

I have someone that does french drains and different options to get that water away from your structure.

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Today’s PI tip was just over how to get water even if you have guttering

Sometimes the slopes go down and so how to get that water away from your house.

Anption for this house would just be a French drain and just lead that down to the street.

It doesn’t even affect your house so again give us a call if you have any questions.

I hope you guys have a great and dry day see you guys.