Aleks with Parker Inspections hey today we’re going over the PI tip of the day.

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We’d love to talk with you and we love to answer any questions you might have. Today, let’s
flip it over, we’re talking about hot water tanks.

The placement of this hot water tank is in the garage it’s in the left corner. A lot of times you’ll
see the hot water tank in the corner, I mean, in a closet as a barrier.

This one obviously you can tell does not have a barrier so it’s just open so what we’re gonna want to see is a protective Ballard.

Basically, cannot talk today.
Basically that is just going to be like a steel post right here it’s gonna the requirements vary depending on where you live.

So, I’d recommend looking up the dimensions but 18 inches is a common distance away. Basically, just so it
doesn’t block any access from the hot water tank.

But, that protective Ballard what it’s going to do is say you’re pulling in or you’re backing in whatever. It’s going to protect protect your hot water tank from any damage from your vehicle.

Basically, so we’d like to see one of those. Again, it’s just a steel post comes up from the ground you can just get some concrete screws.

I recommend a licensed contractor to install it.

It’s just going to protect your hot water tank from any chance that a car or something just
damages your hot water tank.

That will be the ideal to put it somewhere around here probably around that corner and just look up the dimensions depending on where you live.

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