It’s Aleks with Parker Inspections.

Today for the PI tip of the day, i guess we can call it, we are kind of more talking to the sellers and the listing agents.

That was a trash can.

So, I know that no seller wants to have to leave their house and try to find something to do for three hours.

There’s a way that sellers and sellers agents can help home inspectors get the process done a little bit faster.

Everyone wants the inspection process to be as short as possible so help us help you so we can help everyone else one way.

What we’re talking about today is here in the garage here’s the electrical panel, obviously this stuff’s not a big deal, I just moved that I’ve already inspected the electrical electrical panel the hot water tank.

If we could just move some of this stuff and just make it a little bit easier take a little bit less time to inspect that I guess all little time adds up.

Then, it just adds up to the whole inspection time. You can’t tell this is a closet right here there’s a hot water tank in there so I had to move all of this stuff just set it to the side right here made sure it didn’t fall.

Make sure it didn’t break anything so all that just takes extra time. It doesn’t seem like it would take a ton of time, but doing this and that for the hot water tank and or for the furnace just all that stuff adds up.

We just want to be a little bit more prepared help us out help the buyers out. Just make it such a smooth process for everyone we don’t want to take too long.

We want the sellers to be able to come back into their home. We don’t want to kick them out for too long so help us help you guys we love you guys if you have any questions go to

We’d love to talk with you you can call us you can text us or you can send a bird that’s a bird thanks guys!

Give us a call at 918-978-6844 for any questions you may have! We would love to do your next inspection!