Hey guys!

It’s Aleks with Parker Inspections again.

I just wanted to come on for a quick video.

So, this is a common issue not crazy common but it’s most common whenever they get new roofs.

I just wanted to show you guys so it’s something that you can look out for.

Whenever you get in your roof, so sometimes when the roofers are taking off the old layer maybe if they have to replace any decking.

Sometimes the flues get disconnected from the furnace or hot water tank.

Anytime you get a new roof, make sure that you check your flues.

Right now, that’s flue gas just coming right into this closet.

Right into this living room.

Just as a friendly reminder if you get a new roof just go and check your flues.

Check the connection. A lot of times it doesn’t get disconnected but there’s just sometimes you can’t help but roofers can’t help that that flue is gonna move a little bit too much.

Then shifts then it’s not gonna sit properly on there.

We just want to make sure that it is.

So obviously today I caught this, which is awesome they can get it fixed.

Super easy fix.

But again, friendly reminder just take a look if you have any questions. Go to ParkerInspections.com. We’d love to talk with you guys.

Thank you!

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