What’s up guys it’s Aleks with Parker Inspections.

Okay so today we are. For the PI tip of the day we’re gonna go over some gutter issues.

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But okay for today’s PI TIP we are going over gutters.

Obviously, we know gutters is gonna bring the water away from the structure so it doesn’t go right around it and we all know that cleaning your gutters is something just normal maintenance.

We got to do know it likes doing it but it’s extremely important.

Because, if you don’t clean your gutters this is what they look like.

These are basically just planters right now because you can see all of the plants growing. Over time that’s just all this debris it’s coming from this tree it’s really bad over there so it’s extremely important to clean these gutters.

Over time, it’s just going to build up and then the reasoning for the gutters is to bring it away from the structure and these aren’t gonna do its job right now.

Because there’s not a good slope on these, there’s plenty of damage all the way around the house and it’s not going to even I don’t even think it’ll go down the downspout and directed away from the house.

So, just as a normal maintenance no one likes doing it.

If you don’t want to have planters on your eaves then get that ladder go up there, it’s annoying but cleaning it out
it’s going to save you a lot in the end.

If you just take that 30 minutes and do that and again if you have any questions about gutters or anything about your house that you don’t know if it’s for sure working the way it’s supposed to.

Give us a call we’d love to come and take a look at it for you answer any questions you have.

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Hope you have a great day!