What’s up guys, it’s Aleks, Parker Inspections. Hey, okay so today we’re gonna go over your daily slice of PI.
So, the agent, well the clients asked the agent if today was still gonna be a good day to do inspections because it’s rainy. One, yes it’s always good
to do inspections in the rain or after the rain because then the rain is gonna be able to show you in the attic if your
roof is leaking in some areas, especially today it’s been raining for many hours now so if there is a leak there’s gonna be some kind of moisture in the attic.

But okay, so another great thing about the rain is that you can see how your
gutters are actually working so I’ll show you. This one perfect example – so
your gutter is clogged right there in that corner which is where your downspout is,
and so that’s holding all of this water in here. And yeah, once they cleaned that
out it will it’ll run down there but if they don’t know about it, then that water
is just gonna keep sitting here and that’s gonna weigh that gutter down. So
next time it does rain and that it’s cleaned out, your gutter might not have
the proper slope, and so then the water is not going to flow down through that
downspout. So you want to make sure that you always clean your gutters, just for
the simple fact. I love that this was here just to show you guys but I mean
it’s not a ton of leaves but it’s enough to block the water and so we just want
to make sure that we keep up on cleaning the gutters so they can do what they’re
supposed to do and so doesn’t create any future damage with poor
sloping or anything like that.


But if again you guys have any questions, go to parkerinspections.com, we’d love to talk to you, would love to help you. You
can give me a call at 918-978-6844.