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okay so for today’s PI tip we are
going to go over this electrical panel

we’re just gonna go over basically these
right here say GFCI breaker and so

there’s two different ones here you have
an AR C and you have a GFCI so this one

anytime I see one of these in an
electrical panel I always want to test

them so like this one if you as long as
you when you press the test strips we’re

good so this one you can tell I’m
pressing the test button and it’s not

tripping so chances are it would be an
easy fix just replacing that GFCI

breaker with a new one
and I’m having a licensed electrician

replace it and it should be able to just
be able to trip in this one right now is

servicing the exterior receptacles and
one of our first got here before I

looked at that I noticed that none of
them were tripping and this is why

because that that breaker is not
tripping so basically if there were so

we want to see GFCI receptacles or
breakers and three feet from water

source so in the kitchen bathrooms the
garage and the exterior and so right now

if something were to cause it to trip
it’s not going to trip so it’s not doing

its job correctly so what I would
recommend is if you have some of these

you can just test them and if they don’t
trip I would recommend calling in a

licensed electrician and just have
then further evaluated chances are all

it needs is just to be replaced with
another one and if you need any

recommendations for an electrician I
would I have probably like two or three

of them that I can give to you so I’d
love to give those to you and again you

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you can get in contact if that way you

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