Sup guys, it’s Aleks, Parker inspections. Hey I’m gonna bring you your daily slice of PI real quick. My phone is about to die
and so I need to run to my car and grab my phone case charger. But I’m gonna do this real quick. Today we’re gonna go over CSST lines in your attic – well this applies to your house not just your attic, but so if your house has this type of gas lines you’re gonna
have this right here – and you want to make sure it’s bonded. This one is not. I have done a video of this in the past, but I just
wanted to do this one again because it’s so important to have bonding on these. if you have more questions about them or if you have them and you’re not sure if yours is bonded or not you can send me pictures and I would love to tell you. It’s their gonna be in your attic or, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them really anywhere else so probably be in your attic if you have them just send me a picture of it and I can tell you. A lot of times it’ll be a green wire and it’s gonna be tied on somewhere around the base of it. And super super important. And you can look up see CSST  not bonded on
Google and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

But I’m gonna make this fast because my phone’s about to die but again if you guys have questions go to and again if you have CSST gas lines in your house and you don’t know for sure or if you don’t know and you have questions about it, let me know I’m always here to answer questions, that’s what we’re here for. Or you can ask Aaron Seale. Anyway, go to or call me at 918-978-6844 or you can text me, whatever is easiest for you guys thanks – see ya