Hey guys it’s Aleks with Parker Inspections again.

Okay, so today’s PI tip of the day is going over a little bit of structural issues.

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but today the PI tip of the day.

We’re going over some structural issues.

So, this window, there’s a lot of cracking in the mortar on the outside.

Here’s this window. You can see that it has shifted at least when I could put my pinky in it.

It’s shifted all the way up there, all down here. They’ve done repairs to the drywall so the cracks aren’t as big as you can tell in the in there.

You can tell that one goes all the way up on the other side. You have all these straight up and down.

So, I was talking with the buyer. Before we were done we were just talking a little bit. I told them that I said for this house I think I’m going to recommend a structural engineer.

There’s a lot of signs of movement on the outside of the southeast corner as well.

I just explained to them why, showed them why, and then they said to me, their like, “you know what, I’m glad that you said that. I’m glad you found that because they actually had a structural engineer come last week”

I didn’t know that and they are scheduled for next week to put in seven piers on this south east corner.

It was just kind of good to hear right after I told him that I was gonna recommend a structural engineer that they’re gonna
do that.

But, anyways like I said if you need a second opinion, or if you have some movement in your house and you would like to me just take a second look at it to see what I think about it.

A lot of cracks that you’re gonna see in your house are just normal movement cracks.

It’s just your house has to move and so it’s going to happen. A lot of times they’re gonna be the ones that are straight up and down or side to side.

That’s where the drywall tape meets or the joints are for the drywall.

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