A flat roof on a commercial building really isn’t flat. There has to be a good enough slope for the water to drain out the sides. If the roof was not done correctly, water can collect and become stagnant on the roof. This will create issues with the roofing material and even some of the A/C units on there as well. Contact an inspector to find out if you are having any of these issues on your commercial building!

It’s Aleks with Parker Inspections. Hey, okay so for today’s PI tip of the day we’re going to go over a commercial roof.

This happens to be a flat roof.

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Okay so today’s PI Tip we’re going to go over this flat roof.

So the commercial owner said that the flat roof was decently newer and that there was no issues.

Right here, really it looks pretty good, but right here you can see.

I don’t know if you can tell but this is all pop water it’s ponding up right here.

Right over there and then right along over there.

One thing with flat roofs on commercial properties is that they’re not
actually flat. There has to be some kind of a slope because we want all that
water to run off.

I’ll show you over here as well. There’s all water right there so really okay what it is is there’s a little bit of a slope. There’s gonna be gutters right there.

It’s just gonna be all the way around it. It’s a very small slope where we want a
little bit of a slope just so all that water can run off.

There are some issues that could happen. There could be the water could over time deteriorate the roofing material a little bit faster.

Also, if you have AC units that are sitting on top, depends on who puts it on, a lot of people just put wood underneath.

It better would be maybe some steel or something that won’t deteriorate if that water builds up.

For instance, this AC unit is not supposed to be at that angle. If you look underneath actually cannot tell I could barely tell, but there was a piece of wood right here that just totally rotted out.

That is because of all of this water that is not able to drain through these slots right
here. So, just another reason why commercial property inspections are so important.

Just because the owner says that the roof is newer, does not mean that there’s no
issues to with it.

So, this is all stuff that can be fixed, but we want to make sure that we’re able to catch it before you purchase the commercial property.

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