It’s Aleks with Parker Inspections coming at you from the attic okay so today we are going to go over the pi tip of the day.

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Today we are in the attic and we’re talking about this CSST gas line. One of the biggest things, other than just a gas leak itself, is we are going to be looking for the bonding and on this one.

I don’t see it. It could be in other places but the biggest issues with the CSST. I’m going to move over here. Is if it were let’s just say there’s a big storm and it’s struck by lightning the chances that your house to be shot by lightning and then hits one of those gass lines it can puncture a hole.

Then could cause a fire and would be definitely my safety issue. One thing, if you do not see that a bonding wire connected somewhere on to the CSST gas line, then it is definitely something that you want to have an electrician further evaluate.

Figure out if there is one. If there isn’t then definitely install a ground wire just to make sure or a bonding wire just to make sure that you are protected in the rare chance that your house gets struck by lightning.

So, again CSST look for a bonding wire.

If there’s not one you can give me a call. I’d love to come out and take a look at it.

If anything else call an electrician have them look at it and have them installed one if there’s not

So again, if you have any questions give us a call.

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Whatever is easiest for you guys is how we want to do it.

Just let us know thank you guys hope you have a good day!

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