What’s up guys it’s Aleks, parker inspections. We’re gonna bring you your
daily slice of pie real quick and again,
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Okay so for
today’s daily slice of pie – so Aaron Seale,
the other inspector here at Parker Inspections, he did a daily slice of
pie for this almost the exact same thing,
but I just wanted to jump on here
and just show the importance of just
double-checking on this.

So, Aaron’s was a freon
line for an AC unit, but this is a gas line and you can see that it’s right
next to the roof decking and so the
problem that this could have is-
thankfully so this is a new roof and
whenever they put a roof on they’re
gonna obviously nail the shingles
to the roof.

And so what can happen now
since those gas lines are so
close to the decking, a nail
could punction the gas line,  obviously
cause a gas leak and then they’d have to fix the gas line. So thankfully with this
one, this is a brand new roof and you can
see the nail – is let me stretch it there –
right there and right there – so it was literally a couple inches off
from hitting this gas line and I mean a
couple inches away and that gas line
would have been hit. so you want to make
sure that if you get a new roof just
take a look or have the roofer go and
take a look if you want to, I don’t know
if they do that but have them look for
gas lines or freon lines because we
don’t want those to be punctured.

again your daily slice of pie just
making sure that gas lines and freon
lines are far enough away from the roof
decking that they won’t be punctured by
the nails. if you have questions about
something on your property or you would
like an inspection, go to parkerinspections.com or call me at 918-978-6844.