What we like to see is for the duct to exit to the exterior of the house. Many times, people skip that step and leave the ducts inside the attic. All of the steam and moisture will collect into the attic if it is not vented to the exterior and cause damage.

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Hey so today’s PI tip is gonna be going over, sorry i’m sweating, going over bathroom vents in the attic.

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What we want to do okay so today we were talking about bathroom vents.

You know the vent that the exhaust vent so you turn it on normally. Well, there’s a couple different kind.

Some is just a vent, some is a light and a vent, and some is a light, vent, and a heater.

Regardless one of those, three types that’s what we’re talking about and we’re going through the attic right now.

I’ll show you this one actually has what i’m talking about.

So it’s a good example but this is the the vent right here.

It’s kind of hard to see it’s covered in insulation.

But, basically what happens a lot of the time is that vent just goes right
into the attic.

They don’t have this duct right here.

What we like to see and what i write up a lot of times is that the duct just exit that the duct just exit into the attic.

This is a good example because let me get a good this is a good example because this is
actually what we want to see.

We want to see this duct go either out that soffit.

There’s a couple different ways you can go. You can either go out to soffit or you can have it go out a somewhere out your roof.

That’s something that a roofer can do.

You can just give them a call and they can do that.

If you are getting a new roof and you want them to check to see if it
isn’t already vented to the outside just have them go in your attic take a look and if it’s not just make sure you tell them to do that when they put the new roof on.

Anyways, what an issue that can happen if you don’t have that is – so when you’re taking like a hot shower, or steamy shower, all that steam and moisture is just going to collect in the attic.

That could just lead to moisture damage.

Super important that we get that exited or vented to the

Again, another reason why we do inspections is take a look in this attic. It is 162 degrees so don’t go in your attic if you don’t have to.

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