The Gift of Time

How long do home inspections take? Life is busy. It seems we are ruled by the clock and calendar and let’s face it, how fun is a home inspection anyway? Because time is so precious, we respect it. Therefore, we implement a client-focused philosophy and practice literally giving you some time back in your day.

To answer the question – Inspections typically run an hour-and-a-half to two hours, depending on size and deficiencies. If we can knock out at least thirty minutes of it before the buyer and agent arrive, then we’ve essentially given back that thirty or so minutes.

Some factors that affect the length of inspections are:

What distinguishes Parker Inspections from other home inspection companies?

We maximize your time. We arrive at the house earlier than the appointment time scheduled. An inspector will arrive at least thirty minutes earlier or more depending on the size of the house. Arriving early allows our inspector to complete the exterior inspection so that when the buyer and agent have arrived we have only the interior inspection to complete.

Our Inspection Team

Currently, the Parker Inspections team is Aleks and Aaron. Aaron is an awesome guy and will even sing you a song.

We respect you and your time. And that is why we’d love to give you the gift of time while providing superior inspection services.

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