We do home inspections and more! Here is another example of what distinguishes Parker Inspections from other companies.

What’s up guys Aleks – Parker Inspections. Hey so just want to jump on here again and talk about Parker Inspections. Something else that makes us stand out is just I always want to go above and beyond…everyone does. But I love going above and beyond for people even when they think it’s crazy.

Like today’s inspection right now I am I just got done with the outside. There’s like two huge wasp nests and she’s like oh can you write that up? I was like, well really it’s not something I would write up. Like you probably need someone that has a ladder to get them down and then I was like oh I have two ladders. So I’ve got my ladder and my trusty golf club that I keep in my car some reason and I’m gonna take that down.

And so there’s three of them on this house we got rid of them. Now they don’t even have to think about it. So just another thing we are always looking for an area that I can just do extra for my clients. That’s what we love doing and that’s what we’re here for. So again if you have any questions go to ParkerInspections.com We’d love to talk with you we’d love to work with you.

And that’s it, you guys. Have any questions let us know. Thanks, guys.

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