Why are gutter inspections important? 

A rainy day inspection shows us how well the gutters are functioning. 

Damage and Erosion

Do you take your gutters for granted? They are little-appreciated gems that re-direct the rain from our foundations and flower beds. They help prevent erosion and damage. However, if you neglect regular maintenance it can create more costly issues for you. For example, clogged gutters can damage the roof leading to leaks inside the home.  They can also lead to foundation erosion and basement flooding, which is never any fun cleaning up! 

At some point, neglect will lead to damage of the gutters. This could lead to issues previously mentioned as well as having to replace your gutters.  You can see the costs begin stacking up.


Clogged gutters can also lead to mold growth and attract pests. If you live in an older home with older gutters that are connected with screws which create seams, you will want to inspect them four to six times per year. The seams can collect water, encouraging mold growth that can spread to the fascia and roof. 

The organic matter collecting in your gutters such as leaves and pine needles, will attract pests. Rats, mosquitoes, termites and other pests could set up house in your congested, water-logged gutters. Some of the pests can eventually make their way into your home causing more damage and creating health hazards.  

Inspect and Maintain

Regulary inspecting and cleaning your gutters are important to help maintain the integrity of other areas of your home such as the roof and foundation. 

It is recommended that you inspect and clean your gutters throughout the year and after heavy storms. In this article, they suggest you do quarterly inspections if you have an asphalt roof. They also suggest installing mesh or screen guards. 

As you can see, gutter inspections are important and could save you from potential expenses down the road. 

Here is a handy guideline on how to clean your gutters. Check out local businesses too especially if climbing ladders and standing on rooftops is not your cup of tea.