There are many questions I get asked about a home inspection, in this article I will list few of the most frequently asked questions. When you purchase a home you want to make sure you always have all the facts so you are never in the dark. Parker Inspections strives to make sure that if there is ever a question, big or small, we are here to give all the information you need. There are so many steps with a home buying process so we are here to make this part of the process a little bit easier.

When do I pay for the inspection?

There are a couple different way you can go about this. I would say 95% of the time my clients pay at the inspection or online through our accounting software. Depending on the situation and lender, there is another option. Some clients will pay at closing. This makes the inspection fee add onto the mortgage. When you close on the house, the lending company will write a check and send it to the inspector. The last most common way an inspection can be paid is during negotiations between the buyer and seller. As a buyer, you can request that the seller pays for the inspection. This option is the least common of all, but I have seen it done before.

How long does it take to do the inspection?

This is probably one of the most asked question. My answer every time is “It depends on the size of the house, the condition of the home, what is being inspected.” Its obvious, in most cases, that a 1500 square foot house would take less time to inspect than a 3500 square foot home. I say most cases because if I inspect a home that has been well taken care of and there are less issues for me to take note of, take pictures and write up then that inspection can take far less time than a house with issues in every part of the house. There are also other factors that can lengthen the time of the inspection. If I am inspecting a pool or septic system, that can easily add an extra 30 minutes to the inspection.  In short, the average size house will typically take around one and a half to two and a half hours. This does not include any add-on inspection items like a termite inspection, septic inspection, well inspection, etc.

How long until I get a report?

Parker Inspections promises a 24 hour report turn around. Saying that, I would say 75 % of the time you will get your written report before you go to bed the same day of the inspection. The time depends on how many inspections we have that day and how fast we can get to writing the report. If there is an open slot on the schedule the report will be written right after the inspection. So in short, you will get the report at least 24 hours after the inspection.

What is all included in a home inspection?

There are a couple different types of inspections that Parker Inspections offers. The most requested inspection is a full home inspection. A full home inspection includes and EMP (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing) and a full structural inspection. I will look at everything from the roof, gutters, attic, ventilation, insulation, exterior veneer, trim, facia, soffits, eaves, windows, doors, walls, ceilings, floors, electrical, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, plumbing, foundation, HVAC systems, hot water tank, electrical panel, garage door and etc. The list is almost endless! What I tell people is, I look from the very top of the roof to the very bottom of the foundation and everything in between.

Who is all present at the inspection?

The answer to this question vary for every inspection I go to. It is highly encouraged for the buyer to be present during the inspection so you will have a better understanding of the findings. There are some things that I inspect that are easier to show in person instead of just reading it on the report. It is not required. So, if there is no way for you to be there your agent will be there to fill the gap. Typically the buyers agent is always at the inspection to let the inspectors in and be there to answer any questions for the client and/or inspector. Another common person to be at the inspection is the sellers agent, this way they can relay the findings a little quicker to the sellers. And, depending on what all the clients is wanting done, it is typical for a termite inspector to accompany the home inspector as well. As always, the buyer is always welcome to invite any family or friends they want to show off their future home or to get advice on staging the home before they move in.

Can you negotiate the price after the inspection is done?

The short answer would be, yes you can negotiate price after the inspection. This is actually a good way to negotiate because you have facts behind your request. If you get the inspection and the inspector finds out that the furnace is going bad, or the house needs a couple piers to be structurally sound, then you can negotiate the price to compensate for the money you will have to pay to fix the issue. Does negotiating always work? Noe. It all depends on the seller and how willing they are to work with you. But, does it hurt to negotiate any bit that you can? No, it can’t hurt. I mean the worst they can say is no, right?

How long do I have to get an inspection after I put in an offer?

Typically, you have about 10 days to do an inspection after you put an offer on a house. Be sure to check what the contract states. Look at the specific language, such as days vs. business days. If there is an inspection contingency and the buyer is allowed to back out of the contract based on the results of the inspection, use that to your advantage. Check the contract to see if that has to be communicated in writing within the time frame stated on the contract. In other words, allow enough time to communicate to the seller in writing after the inspection is completed but before the contingency expiration date has passed.

There are so many questions out there that I did not mention in this article, but I tried to touch on some of the most frequently asked ones. Regardless what inspection company you go with for your home inspection, if you ever have a questions about the process or the findings we will be happy to answer any question. Like I said earlier, Parker Inspections strives to make any part of the buying process as easy as possible to you. Contact us for all the information you need at 9189786844.