EMP Inspection

What’s Included in an EMP Inspection?

At Parker Inspections, we provide EMP Inspections. EMP stands for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing; in this type of inspection, we review all these aspects in your home.

EMP Inspection: Electrical

In an EMP inspection, we will review and test the electric systems and units in your home. You may not realize it, but there are many things in your home that run off of electricity. If the home’s electrical system isn’t up to standards, it can be a dangerous hazard. At Parker Inspections, we will thoroughly inspect and test your electrical systems to make sure they function as they should and are up to standard.

What is included in an electrical inspection? During an electrical inspection, we will look at everything from the breaker box to power outlets, wiring, and even air conditioning and the water heater, if it is powered by electricity. There are certain codes and standards that electrical systems in the house must meet to be deemed safe. We will look for things that could be a potential hazard, like power outlets near faucets or exposed wiring.

EMP Inspection: Mechanical

Another aspect of an EMP Inspection is the mechanical components of your house. A house has many different mechanical fixtures that when working, provide the dweller with a much better standard of living.

So what is inspected in a mechanical inspection? Anything in the house that should provide a function to the dweller will be tested in a mechanical inspection. The garage door will be opened and closed by the inspector to make sure it functions properly. Any appliances in the home will be reviewed to ensure that they still work as they should. The thermostat in the house will be turned up and down to test that both the heating and the air conditioning unit are working.

Many times, we will be able to inform you of the state of the appliances and other mechanical fixtures in the home, as well as how long they should last you. This can help you plan accordingly if there is anything in the house that will need to be replaced soon.

EMP Inspection: Plumbing

In an EMP Inspection, we will also inspect the plumbing of the home or business. If there is a problem with the plumbing, the property has the potential to be hit with severe water damage, and you have the potential to be hit with a major financial obligation. Knowing the state of the home’s plumbing system before you purchase a property is important.

In a plumbing inspection, we will review everything from the water heater to the piping to even the sinks and showers. Every faucet and shower will be turned on to make sure that they are functioning as they should. Your home will be inspected for any sign of water damage that could be caused by a leaking pipe.

EMP inspections are important since they cover many major aspects of a property. If you’re located in the Tulsa area and want to schedule an EMP inspection, contact us here today!