There are many different electrical problems that most people would never know without having an inspector point them out. Hiring a thorough home inspector is extremely important to have before you purchase a home. If you hire the right inspector, like the inspectors we have here at Parker Inspections LLC, you will have the peace of mind knowing there will not be anything you do not know about the home. Getting the best home inspection Tulsa comes with a detailed report as well. In that report there will be detail on everything in the home like,  electrical, mechanical, plumbing and even structure depending on inspector. Lets look at some of the electrical issues homes may have  that you do not know about. Call Parker Inspections LLC today at 918-978-6844.

Outlets are important

Outlets are one of the things we inspect as inspectors. There’s no way for an individual to know whether an outlet has grounding without going out of their way to check it with an outlet tester. Your outlets could have several things going wrong with them. They could have the hot and neutral reversed, no grounding issue. Most older homes may have a three prong receptacle but that does not always mean it has grounding. The quality you get with our home inspection Tulsa is clearly top of the line. We make sure to check each outlet to affirm the condition it is in. We do not let little things slip through the cracks even though it is so easy to let it happen.

The best home inspection Tulsa

We pride ourselves with the best home inspection Tulsa. We always like to see GFCI at the exterior, kitchen, bathroom and garage receptacles. The reason we like to have these in those areas is because those are the most common to be 3 feet or closer to a water source. Just because you have GFCI outlets does not mean they will trip when they get in contact with water. You need to test each outlet to assure they are working properly. On the same device we use to test normal outlets we can test the gfci outlets as well. There is a button on the device that will trip the outlet if working properly. If it trips, then the receptacle is in normal working order. If it does not trip the receptacle needs to be replace with a working receptacle. You may have an outlet that is connected to a gfci in the electrical box as well. All this is easily tested by a professional home inspector.

Other ways that a home could have electrical or fixture problems are lights. If a light bulb does not turn on that could be a burnt bulb or something actually wrong with the light fixture itself. The only way to test that is to replace to bulb with a working one and see if it lights up. A very common issue with fans is that they are not balanced. When installing, if it is not done correctly the fan can wobble when turned on. This can be fixed by putting a weight on the top of a fan blade until it is leveled out. Another issue that is pretty common is not having a globe at the closet light fixtures. Most may think that it is crazy to write that up but it actually is a fire hazard without a globe. Like the globe there are so many things that someone would never think of as an issue when really they are.

Home buyers

If you are looking into buying a home and need an inspection, we would love to get you taken care of. As we have pointed out, there are many issues a home can have that someone would normally overlook. Make sure to get your home thoroughly inspected so you can have every detail you need to know. Feel free to go to our website at Parker Inspections LLC would love to schedule an inspection with you, call us today at 918-978-6844.