Electrical and attic inspections wrap up the Weekly PI. Safety is the top priority when doing electrical work.

Attic Inspections

Electrical and attic inspections revealed some safety hazards.

Detached Flue

A common problem found in attics is detached flues. At a recent home inspection, we discovered a detached flue in the attic after a roof install. A detached flue allows the gas furnace or hot water tank to vent into the attic rather than out of the house. This can create a dangerous situation for the occupants because it is creating a carbon monoxide hazard, a fire hazard and it’s also adding moisture to the attic.

Spliced Wires

Some people are resourceful and comfortable tackling home projects on their own.  However, too often they ignore safety protocols. To demonstrate, in this Daily Slice of PI video we found spliced wires in the attic. As you will see, the wires are sealed with electrical tape, outside of junction boxes, and strewn across the attic floor and insulation. Where we did find junction boxes, some were missing clamps which are used to keep the wires securely in place. Proper wire splicing should include clamps instead of tape and be in junction boxes. As you can guess, this is a big fire hazard. The shortcuts are not worth the risk. This helpful article describes junction boxes, their functions, and how to properly splice wires.

Electrical Inspections

Circuit breakers protect electrical structures from the hazards of overloading, damage, and other issues. During this inspection, we found an inadequate breaker for the gauge wire used. Here is a simple guide to determine the correct wire-to-amp-breaker to use.

  • 8-gauge wire = 40-amp circuit breaker
  • 10-gauge wire = 30-amp circuit breaker
  • 12-gauge wire = 20-amp circuit breaker
  • 14-gauge wire = 15-amp circuit breaker

Safety is the top priority when doing electrical work and best left to a professional.

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