Duct work inspections revealed disconnected duct-work in the attic. This is just another demonstration of the importance of home inspections.

What’s up, guys. it’s Aleks – Parker Inspections. I’m just bringing you your Daily Slice of PI. So today we’re at a new build and this could been for anything. I mean it could be for say you got the HVAC replaced in your house.

We’re talking about a duct. Let me show you what we’re talking about. Do you see right here this duct is just disconnected? There you go and so basically this..I’m just here just again why inspections are so important. Obviously this wasn’t I mean done because of I mean it was just probably tugged as they were working on it and they just didn’t go back and look at it and so but if they never got an inspection this attic would be cold in the summer and hot in the winter because it would have been getting air supplied from that.

So just inspections are so important. You want to make sure you do them. If you have any questions give me a call at 918-978-6844.

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Thanks, guys. Hope you have a great day.