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okay let’s get with this the PI tip of

the day we’re gonna go over this electrical line. so you have your overhead wire it’s coming down

it’s it’s gonna go down your electrical
mast so one thing we’re looking for

right here and if you have overhead
wires this is something you can look up

it’s pretty simple we’re looking for a
drip loop right here and the reason why

we want this drip loop this has kind of
sort of maybe a little bit one right

there but we’re wanting it to where it
affects right here so if it rains right

now the reason why we want a drip loop
is so if it rains that water goes along

here and drips down right there right
now if it rains this water can just drip

right into this electrical mast and then
this leads right into the electrical box

and I think we can all agree that we
don’t that electrical and water don’t

mesh well together and so again we’re
looking for since people are coming on

this electrical line we’re looking for a
drip loop right here we want it to come

down from here drip right here and then
go up and basically we want that because

when it rains we want that water to hit
this line and then just drip down

instead right now this water can drip
right into this electrical mast so

pretty simple it’s something that you
can just walk around your property and

all you have to do is really look up a
lot of times you don’t really have to be

on the roof to see this so if you just
walk around and see if that line is not

it doesn’t have a good little drip loop
then that could be an area where water

can get into that electrical mess and
end up potentially in the electrical box

and we don’t want that
so super simple and if you have any

questions if you have one and you’re not
for sure give me a call

you can FaceTime me or send me a picture
I’d love to see if it has the proper

drip loop for what you need so again go
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whatever it’s beautiful right now
so hope you guys stay dry drink not just

stay dry stay cool drink a lot of water
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