Detached flue – home inspection. This roof had recently been replaced so we are checking the flue connections. In this case, it’s a hot water tank flue. The flue became disconnected and now the hot water tank is venting into the attic. This is a common occurrence because while the roofers are working, it can cause shaking and loosen the flue connections.

Hey, guys, it’s Aleks – Parker Inspections with your Daily Slice of PI –  I’ve gone over this in the past, but whenever you get a new roof just make sure that the flues are still connected in the interior or attic space.

In this instance, for your Daily Slice of PI, we’re talking about the hot water tank. Right now this hot water tank is just venting right into the attic. We want to make sure that we get this fixed.

The reason this happened is that it’s a new roof and whenever that roofer is working with the shingles it moves. I can move it up and down. If it got disconnected we just want to make sure to fix that before we use that hot water tank. That’s definitely something I’m going to write up today.

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