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Okay, so today for the Daily Slice of Pi we’re going to be going over sediment traps for gas lines. So I’ll show you what sediment trap is.

Some people call it a drip line I think. So this is a sediment trap. So you have your gas line that goes up and then the gas is servicing the furnace. So this right here is just a little extension with a cap on the bottom of it. Basically what this is going to do is when the gas flow goes up if there’s any moisture or sediment or debris in that gas then it’s going to fall right here and this is…gives you an easy clean-out area if there is any buildup down there.

So one thing that I always obviously always make sure that the gas lines have a sediment trap and for this one it does not have one you can see it just goes down here and then right into there. So we want to see a sediment trap either maybe right here or I don’t know where the best place is I would imagine this is probably the best place for it but without that if there is any debris or moisture that is going through this gap could potentially get in here and then cause some issues and so we just want to always make sure that if you have a gas appliance that that gas line has a sediment trap and super easy to look at. If you have any gas appliances at your home right now you can just easily take a look and if you don’t know you can send a picture and send it to me and I can let you know.

There is also another furnace that’s downstairs that doesn’t have a sediment trap at either so I’m glad that this one did so I could show you what it looked like.

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