What’s up, guys. It’s Aleks – Parker
Inspections. Hey we are going to bring

you your Daily Slice of Pi. Right now.
And today just a little bit of a little

bit of knowledge on stucco. So stucco is
going to crack. What happens just from

going from hot to cold that’s just the
nature of the beast. If it’s not mixed

perfectly cracking can occur. blah blah blah you can look it up.
So your house if you have stucco probably notice that it’s

cracking. How do you know when the
cracking is to the point where it needs

to be repaired or to the point of where
water can start getting into there.

So the test is called the credit card
test. I’m going to trust you guys so I use my

Costco card oh but this so my name on
this Costco card is Alex Brown I have to

go change that. Anyways that’s not part
of what we’re talking about. So the credit card test is I’ll show

you some of the cracks so you can see
that one it’s pretty easy to see how

it’s going.
Some of these cracks are not near as bad

Some are a little less. But there’s a lot
of cracking so I definitely recommend a

stucco contractor look at a little bit
further. But one way you can test is if

your credit card fits in the crack or
not if it does then you definitely need

it’s definitely time to put another
coating over those cracks repair it

because that’s when water intrusion
happens and once you get water behind

stucco it’s just gonna crack a lot more
it’s going to deteriorate a lot faster.

So we want to make sure that if you have
stucco just get your credit card or

something that’s the size of a credit
card, walk around your house and if you see

some cracks try to stick it in it. If it
does then I would recommend calling a

stucco contractor. If not at least now
you have seen the cracks on your house

and so you’re aware of it. And so I just
recommend just continually to look at

them. But again that’s just our Daily
Slice of PI. To recap get your credit

if it’s inside of a crack in the stucco

then it’s time to repair it before any
water gets behind it. Thank you guys.

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Thank you, guys. I hope you have a great day.