Spliced wires and inadequate junction boxes create a fire hazard.

Your Daily Slice of PI or I
guess this is your second slice of pie

for the day. I’m in the attic and there’s
a couple things that I wanted to show

you. And so I didn’t want to miss out on
this and so today okay I already said

I’m in the Attic but we’re gonna go
over a little bit of wiring. So let me

show you a couple things. Let me move around here. You
can see that those are spliced wires

spliced wires right here and right there those
are all covered in electrical tape but

but two are not. This is an issue
because it causes a fire hazard if say

there is an overcurrent or it got heated
or any sparks then that would those

sparks would just be released into that
insulation or anything around it and so

that would just be a fire hazard so what
we want to see is known as the junction

box I’ll show you. Everyone has seen a
junction box I’m sure at one point in

time. So this junction box right here. This is connected to the light.
But more or less there’s not really a better view for

one. But one of these are or one thing that
these junction boxes are missing are, let me see if I can do this

wire clamps and so what the wire clamp or
cable clamps are going to do is it goes right

here it fills this spot in and then you
tighten it and so this can’t be pulled

out of there or anything and what you’ll
see on a lot of these is those wires are just

I mean wire nuts and everything the
connections are inside the junction box

we don’t want to see all of these we
don’t want to see all of those outside

of that junction box. And then we want to
have that cable clamp on there to make

sure that those are secure and that if
for some reason this wire gets pulled on

it’s not gonna be pulled out of that. So
there’s one there, there’s one there,

there’s two over there, one right there
one over there and all of those

have the wires at least I’d say no less
than six inches coming out of that box

so we want to make sure to get those
wiring inside the direction box and then

get that cable clamp and install it and
they sell cable clamps by themselves

that you can put into the junction box. it’s a simple process. So I want to make

sure to have cable clamps on junction
boxes and then also any time you have

spliced wires we want to make sure that
those are in a junction box due to the

the fire hazard there that they have
without being in there. So again if you

have questions go to parkerinspections.com. We’d love to answer any questions

for you. I’d love to look at any issues
that you have in your house that you’re

not 100% sure on. And then as always if
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Hope you guys have a great day.