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Hey I’m going to bring you your Daily Slice of Pi here right in the attic and today we’re gonna be going over junction boxes and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

Here’s a junction box. That’s a junction box so all of these ones have something in common. None of them have a junction box cover so what we want to cover for is like this. You can see that that insulation is getting in there right now that would be con-
considered a safety hazard or fire hazard because if say one of these wire nuts came loose and some insulation got in there then that could potentially cause a fire. Same with that one.

You can see that it is just crammed full of insulation. So if these had a junction box on them before – it looks like they
probably installed a little bit more of this insulation – and so if it had a junction box on it or a cover on the junction box then this wouldn’t be an issue. But since they didn’t, a lot of these junction boxes in this attic I didn’t put in there and so we want to make sure anytime you are replacing some wiring or having any wire splices up here there’s a wire splice over here that’s literally has scotch tape wrapped around it. Not even electrical tape.

Just the wires are spliced and then scotch tape around it and not in a junction box. That’s crazy. I’ll show you right there just some scotch tape and it’s been there for a long time you can tell because that scotch tape is starting to turn brown. But anyways I just want to bring that to you guys attention. If you guys are doing any electrical work or in this case they put a new furnace in, a new hot water tank in and so and a lot of new lighting. And so these junction box covers are going to have to be taken off so they can replace some of the wiring in there.

And so we just want to make sure that the junction box covers always get put back on because without it it’s considered a fire hazard and obviously we would like to prevent any type of fire in a house. So again if you have questions go to Parkerinspections.com We’d love to talk with you. We’d love to schedule an inspection with you. Just give me a call.            918-978-6844
Thanks, guys.
Hope you have a great day.