Hire professionals to keep you and your home safe and operating efficiently.

Hi What’s up guys it’s Aleks Parker
Inspections here today for the daily

slice of pi we are gonna be going over
again once again hiring the professional

when you need something replaced
repaired in your house so today we’re

going over the furnace and show you what
it is the flue right here so there’s

the motor and then here’s your flue this
just doesn’t scream out at me that it

was done by a professional this is
rubber so that’s really not gonna hold

up that much weight when you have all of
this PVC pipe going all the way up there

and then also this is cracked right here
so all your your flue gases are able to

get out right here instead of going out
on the exterior so again whenever you’re

getting anything repaired or replaced at
your home just make sure you hire a

professional if you don’t know someone
and you’re just gonna go off of google

google is great yeah just I mean
obviously read Google reviews but if you

would like some references give me a
call shoot me a text Facebook message me

I have people messaged me all the time
asking for recommendations for all

different kinds of stuff on their home
so let me know I would love to help you

any way that we can and then as always
if you would like to get an inspection

go to parker inspections dot-com and
we’d love to help you guys out thanks

guys see I hope you have a great day