Electrical Panel Inspections – Loose wires in the panel box are a disaster waiting to happen. Prevent them with home inspections and keep your home operating safely and efficiently.



What’s up, guys. It’s Aleks with Parker Inspections. Hey so we are here today we’re going to

bring you your Daily Slice of Pi and  gain if you have any questions go to Parkerinspections.com. You can call us, text us, send a note, whatever is easiest.

So today’s a Slice of Pi, it’s gonna be going over the electrical panel. I’ll show you what I’m talking about. There’s a wire here I turned off the breaker because you can tell the wire has been melting and if you see right here it’s completely loose. There’s
no…I mean it’s not tight at all.

This screw is tight. I tried tightening it. I think what happened was they crossed threaded it right at the beginning and so
whenever whoever put that in thought it was tight and it wasn’t some when I took the panel off there was actually little sparks coming from that wire and so I turned it off because we’re currently has its state right now it’s unsafe.

And so that’s just again another reason why inspections are super important. This breaker services the furnace and so this would be continually drawing electricity from that so just another reason why inspections are so important.

Just wanting to bring your Daily Slice of Pi so you guys understand some of the things that we find during the inspection. But again if you have questions go to parkerinspections.com, text me or call me at 918-978-6844.

Thanks, guys. Hope you have a great day