We inspected a home’s electrical panel and discovered a potential fire hazard. It’s important that you have adequate breakers installed. In this Daily Slice of PI, we discover a wire connected to a breaker that is too small for the breaker.

What’s up guys it’s. Aleks – Parker Inspections. Hey okay so for another Slice of PI for the day we’re going to go
over something about the electrical panel. And let’s see here so this one should have been well prepared I guess. This one right here. You can see this breaker this wire is a little too small for it. This breaker needs to be replaced with a 20 amp breaker.

You want to make sure that your wires if anything are bigger than the breaker. You never want the wiring to be rated for less
amperage than the amount of the breaker. In this case, that wiring needs to have a 20 amp breaker and right now has a 30 amp breaker so if it was to trip, that wire needs to have a breaker that trips at 20 amps and if anything above that. Then it’s considered a fire hazard because then the sheathing on the wiring could melt and then cause the fire.

So you just want to keep that in mind and if you don’t know what wiring goes to what breakers let me know. I can come check it out for you guys.

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