Today we inspected a deck where joist hangers were installed on one half of the deck and none on the other. I’ll point out why joist hangers are a good idea and show you the results if they’re not used. As always, if you need referrals please contact me.

What’s up guys it’s Aleks Parker
inspections look at my view today super

gorgeous day okay so for today’s daily
slice of pie we’re gonna be going over a

deck and basically i’m just gonna go
over joist hangers so for this one half

the deck was built with joist hangers
half the deck wasn’t and I don’t know if

they just ran out or what the reasoning
was but a joist hanger let me go over

here you don’t know what it is it’s this
thing right here and so what it’s going

to do is just create more stability in a
better connection between this joist and

this plate right here and that’s
obviously what you’re gonna be putting

your weight on and then you have that
beam and so this half of the deck is

built with joist hangers and this half
is not and you can see how this wood is

already starting to separate and
basically along the whole way it’s just

starting to create that gap and so one
thing that that joist hangers gonna do

is it’s going to keep that connection
and keep it secure for a lot longer

period of time then if you were to not
use one and so just for good deck

practices you want to make sure that and
what are they called joist hangers

they’re really not that expensive
they’re super cheap and so I would

definitely recommend using those and
also when you’re building a deck if you

have to split your beam or sister it make
sure I just noticed this make sure that

you’re gonna have a post underneath this
port as well this is not going to really

balance that weight out as much as they
were hoping you can kind of tell that

this one’s already coming down a little
bit and so just put a post either just

put another one right here concrete and
then put a post right there just to

secure that but I just saw that I was
making the video so anyways if you guys

have any questions go to Parker
Inspections dot com and again I have so

many great people that I love to refer
so if you need a recommendation let me
know thanks guys
have a good day