Check your home grounding wires

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Hey today we’re going to be going over the Daily slice of Pi and it’s going to be going over the grounding wire going to your grounding rod on the ground right here let me flip it over right here you can see. I’ve already tested it so it’s kind of already pulled out a little bit but one thing that you want to make sure you do at your current home or a house that you’re looking at
as you walk around you can kind of just pull on it if you want to.

So basically what this is is it’s your grounding wire that is getting connected to a driven rod that’s into the ground and so that’s grounding it. For this one so what I do one of the things that I do is I get it and I will pull it because this right here is probably what should have been connected to the the rod I don’t know how but somehow but this one obviously you can tell is not connected to a driven rod I don’t know if there’s one down here. There might be one down there buried in the ground but we want to make sure that this is definitely inspected make sure that it has a driven rod and if not we want to make sure that
we get a driven rod put in there and so what I would recommend is just calling an electrician to evaluate that and then just fix that as soon as possible.

And again if you need recommendations for an electrician, I know a couple different electricians that I personally use and refer to and so I would love to give them your contact or give your contact wait give them anyways I want to give their contact info to you there yeah and again if you have any questions or you’d like to schedule inspection go to We’d love to help you guys.

Thank you have a great day.