Quality Residential Home Inspections

A house can look perfect in every way. The interior may be beautiful and clean and move-in ready. The exterior may be everything that you could hope for in a home. Without Tulsa home inspections conducted before the purchase, you do not know if the home is sound.

Common Issues Found In Tulsa Residential Home Inspections

When conducting Tulsa home inspections, all home major components are checked, including foundation, roof, electric system, and plumbing. A home inspection can also check for water damage, smoke damage, mold, pest or insect infestations or damage.

During Tulsa residential home inspections, it is not uncommon to find the following issues:

Cracks in the foundation. These cracks may not be severe, but they are present. This means that there is a potential for moisture to enter the home. This could lead to additional damage to the foundation or may allow mold and mildew growth to occur.

Soft spots in the roof. If water has been able to penetrate the shingles on the roof, you may have moisture damage to the home structure. If this is the case, the roof needs to be replaced.

Electrical systems may not be up to local building codes. As codes change to accommodate new safety rules, this can happen to older homes. This often occurs in Tulsa commercial inspections as well.

Mold may be present in the home. If there have been any leaks in the home there could be mold behind the walls. Mold can lead to sickness in the residents and can cause significant damage to the home’s surfaces.

Water damage. Even with a fresh coat of paint, there are ways that a home inspector can tell if there is damage to the walls from flooding, roof leaks, or other water issues. This could lead to problems with the structural integrity of the home or mold growth.

Insect or pest damage. If there has been an infestation in the home, there will be signs of damage. Termite damage could result in problems with the structural integrity of the home. Pest or insect damage is also a large factor in Tulsa commercial inspections.

When you have a home inspection completed, you will have the information you need to decide if it is worth purchasing.