Pool Safety & Inspection

Checklist: Pool Safety & Inspection

Buying a home that has a pool may seem like a dream come true. For many people, having a pool in their backyard ensures a summer filled with fun. For others, the pool represents a great place to relax or exercise. Whatever the reason you desire a pool at your next home, you will want to make sure you have it inspected before buying the house.

Tulsa Residential Home Inspections

Tulsa home inspections generally do not include a complete inspection of the pool. Having the pool inspected is a separate service that sometimes falls under Tulsa commercial inspections. These inspections are not included in a regular home inspection because inspecting a pool requires additional skills and time.

What Do They Check During A Pool Inspection?

When you have a pool inspection competed, the Tulsa home inspections service is going to check the following five areas of the pool:

1- Interior. Your inspector is going to evaluate the interior of the pool. This will include things like the floor of the pool, condition of tiles and grout, condition of the walls, and if the floor remains level and the sides squared.

2- Deck Area. The inspector will check the deck area for any issues that may cause accidents, such as loose or uneven tiles. If there is a ladder, diving board, or any other fixture attached to the pool, the inspector will check these items while inspecting the deck.

3- Covers and Cleaners. During Tulsa commercial inspections of the pool and pool areas, the inspector will check mechanical items such as pool covers, pool filters, and automatic cleaners to ensure they are in working order.

4- Plumbing and Electric. Both the electric and plumbing that is hooked up to your pool run separately from your home’s other functions. During Tulsa residential home inspections, plumbing and electric wiring are checked in the home only. It would be best to make sure that the pool area is also checked for overall safety and functioning.

5- Local Safety Requirements. Depending on where you live, there may be local laws concerning pool safety in effect. For instance, many areas require an outdoor pool with a five-foot fence around the pool with a locking gate. Other areas require alarms set for the pool. Your inspector will verify local ordinances and make sure that the pool complies.

Before You Buy – Inspect

Tusla home inspections are the best way to ensure that the home you are purchasing is everything you had hope for in a house. If the home has a pool, it will be in your best interest to have the pool inspected as well.